Days as an entrepreneur are often too busy and long. Among working, you should be able to get new customers and do networking, so you can develop your company and stay up to the competition. Could there still be an easier way to connect with new customers and get more sales, so you could concentrate on what you do best? Could it also give some more free time for your family and hobbies?

To compete equally with your competitors, your marketing should be up to date. We offer you coaching packages, so you could do successful digital marketing in social media. Our webinars and web lessons offer you a wide variety of information and there is always a possibility for personal coaching.

Suomen Diginaiset, Digital women of Finland, will help you gaining your goal. We are energetic professionals of digital marketing and we are at your service in e-Sollertis Oy. Diginaiset are specialized in for example inbound marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook marketing, social media posts and updates, digital marketing and mobile responsive websites. We’ll also train you to do your own digital marketing effectively.

Choose Group training or Personal coaching, or both!

Our training concentrates on creating social media strategy and how to do digital marketing into a visible part of your business strategy. How to make effective posts? How to use Facebook Business Manager and what is Facebook Pixel? How to edit pictures and videos by yourself? How to read your social media analytics and what are the results? We’ll answer these questions and more depending your interests.

Our personal coaching concentrates even deeper on your personal needs in business. How to develop your strategy, selling points or web site professionally? Is your Linkedin profile up to date? How to do social selling and create new contacts?

Of course, you can get both, group- and personal coaching and train yourself into an expert in digital marketing. With our help it is possible!

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