DataInSafe Backup service

Have you backed up your computers and servers? Backing up your data is the best way to protect against losing it. Losing your data is a serious risk and it often has severe consequences. What more reason do you need for protecting your data from unexpected events?

Always up to date

We offer you a convenient solution for backing up your files. Our service backs up the data stored on your workstations and servers. Automatic backups ensure that your backup copies are always up to date. Backups will be made for objects you select, at a time you choose. If you wish, you can launch the backup process at any time, just by pressing the button.

Quick and easy

After the installation, backups will be made automatically. If you wish, you can get an e-mail report of every backup event. The In-File Delta technology ensures that only changed contents are updated, which makes the backup process quick, and enables that even large databases are backed up efficiently.

Safe in a bank vault

Back-up files will be stored, encrypted, in a bank vault in Finland. The files will have a 256-bit encryption, which is practically impossible to decrypt without the encryption key. By installing the back-up software, you can restore your information on any computer, using your login information and the encryption key. Your data is only a few clicks away.

At the start of the service, we will determine for how long the removed data will be stored. If you need a longer-term archiving service, we can transfer your backups to tapes, which will be archived in a safety deposit box of a bank. In this case, the data can be stored during a time period of up to 30 years.

Why choose DataInSafe?

  • automatic and unnoticeable
  • quick, because we only update changed content
  • backs up Windows and Linux servers, as well as Windows and Mac workstations
  • your information is transferred encrypted over a secure connection
  • your information is stored encrypted in a DataInSafe bank vault in Finland
  • restoring data is quick and easy
  • data is stored for as long as you wish