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DataInSafe File service

With the file service, you can solve all issues related to your company’s file management. You only need to store the files on your computer in the file service folder, and these files will be at your disposal whenever, wherever, and on any device. Automatic version management ensures that you will never lose your important information.

With the help of this system, you can store, arrange and share files and folders with your company’s employees, business partners, and customers. Sharing is safe among groups and users. You can also determine whether people can only view information, or also edit and update information. Using an e-mail link, you can share the required password-protected folder and file with anyone, and also determine whether the shared access has an end date. The receiver need not be using the file service.

Intranet and a shared work space

With the help of the file service, you can start an intranet service within your company, which can be used from several different locations without any additional changes required to be made to the computer network, or without any expensive and cumbersome VPN solutions.

In case you need access to your files from another location than your work computer, you can access them through a browser. This service enables you to edit text files without downloading them to your device. The service also includes a web-based image gallery.

Network drive and external storage options

You can add the file service as a network drive to your computer. A network drive can be used for making back-ups of important files, for example. The connection between the network drive and the user has been secured with SSL encryption.

We can add your FTP, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to file service, and you can use these accounts through it, as well as using them as network drive resources. This way, you can easily use your files, without the need for any additional software.

Choose the service that is the most suitable for you

The flexible and scalable service is provided from a shared environment, a virtual server, or from a physical server. If you wish, the server can be mirrored from DataInSafe’s data center to your own local server.

It is possible to use the service with your own domain name. The service has user interfaces for PC-s, Macs, Linux, Android, iPads, iPhones and web-browsers.